WDC Funding Sources

WDC Funding Sources

The Idaho Workforce Development Council serves as a coordinating body across state agencies, education, and economic development partners in order to address one of the most critical issues threatening the continued growth of Idaho’s economy: developing a skilled workforce that meets the unique needs of Idaho’s communities and employers.

Workforce Development Training Fund

The Council is responsible for the Workforce Development Training Fund, a dedicated fund generated through the transfer of 3% of the unemployment taxes employers pay. The goals of the Workforce Development Training Fund are to:

  • Increase the economic mobility of Idahoans through training that leads to wage gains and
  • Provide timely assistance to businesses while shifting focus to broader talent pipeline
    development strategies that serve multiple employers.
  • Support growth of the economy by assisting employers with job creation and integration
    of technology, specifically through the development of skills in their existing and/or new
  • Provide a return on investment to Idahoans as evidenced by increased wages, job
    creation, capital investment, retention of Idaho’s workforce, credential attainment, and/or
    customer satisfaction (employer and trainee).
  • Promote innovation in talent development.
  • Encourage replication of best practices in talent pipeline development.

Additional Funding Sources

State Funds

Through the Governor’s office and with authorization from the Idaho legislature, the Workforce Development Council’s program and administration costs are funded in-part by state general funds. 


Through the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF), a part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the Idaho WDC can help Idaho workers, employers, and industries recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic by supporting employers and educational institutions to provide quality training and  materials, so that Idahoans of all backgrounds can recover from the economic costs of the pandemic.


To supplement ongoing funding, the Workforce Development Council also seeks and applies for grant funding from public and private sources to support its work.